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Untethered Chargers

These will give you a cleaner installation without trailing cables, your outlay will also be reduced if you car came with a charge cable, although you will need to store the cable elsewhere.

Tethered Chargers

With a tethered charger you have the benefit in always having your cable to hand, most chargers incorporate the cable storage around the chargepoint itself, however you would need to buy an extra cable if you are to charge away from home.

Electrical Upgrades

We can undertake all aspects of electrical work, so if your electrical installation does not meet the safety requirements we can fix that too.

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Tethered or Un-tethered

An un-tethered charger comes without the lead to connect to your car, the lead is supplied separately and  usually comes with the car. the benefits of this system are the cable can be replaced by the user should it become damaged, these are usually more aesthetically pleasing as there is no cable storage on the unit.

A tethered unit offers the convenience and  advantage of the cable being stored on the charger and negating the need to store the cable in the car boot, this is faster to deploy and start the charge which is a massive advantage in poor weather.

Type 1 or Type 2 plug

This is dependent on what socket comes on the car, fortunately in the UK we mainly use Type 2, however there are a few exceptions, so you will need to check with the car manufacturer before you order.